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World News and Prophecy Seminar

Today's headlines chronicle an unfolding crisis in world economic markets. Many say it is the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930's. A little understood chapter in Leviticus gives God's blueprint for a stable economy that builds through the generations. Does it tell us how God will restore "all things" in the world to come?

Bible prophecy describes a power from the Middle East provoking major end time events. What is this power and where might we find it among the nations of that region?

Bible prophecy causes many to speculate about events and figures. Elaborate timelines and charts can be constructed. Is this the real purpose God placed prophecy in His word? There may be more important matters for you to study prophecy.
Nearly 2,500 years ago 4 words were written on a wall by the hand of God. History was forever changed! But is it simply history or does it have prophetic relevance to our modern world and the events that lie ahead? What encouragement and wisdom can Christians draw from a message that seems to be directed to a godless kingdom?
Biblical Prophecy is saturated with historical factors, colorful and dynamic characters, time lines and apocalyptic phrasing to be deciphered. But are the scriptures simply a religious jigsaw puzzle to exercise our minds or does God offer prophetic understanding for a grander purpose that involves you? This presentation is designed to get to the heart of the probing question that will demand an answer from you.
Today America stands as the dominant economic and military power in the world. How long will this continue? Will America go the way of the British Empire? A critical scripture points to a dramatic change ahead for America and the World.
Relgious strife continues to dominate our world. God and religion are not dead, despite all the rumors. The front lines of religion crisscross our globe telling us that religion will play a major role in the 21st century. How will that impact your life?
Prior to World War II, the British were the preeminent nation on the earth. After 1945 America assumed the role. The Bible shows one more superpower will take center stage. How will the U.S. lose its preeminence to this new superpower?
The rise and decline of the English speaking powers parallels the devotion to the Bible as the Word of God. The rise to greatness began with the Protestant Reformation. Our national decline has followed the turning away from God's Word.
The one event that tells us major prophecies are yet to be fulfilled.
An analysis of Europe's energy dependency and how it fits with the description given for the actions taken by the end-time "king of the north".
Europe slumbers while powerful forces work that will awaken it from a centuries long sleep.
The Bible uses the role of a watchman to describe the work of a prophet among God's people. Is there more to this symbolism than many have understood? The role of a watchman is vital to a full understanding of the work of God in the end time.
Seven keys that tell us we could be the generation to see Christ's return.
Prophecy shows God will preserve a large group of people from the days of the coming tribulation. Who are these people and could you be found among them?
Babylon stretches from Genesis to Revelation as the city that opposes the plan of God. Could you be walking its streets without knowing it?
America and what it stands for is being attacked from many different sources. Are we seeing a Biblical prophecy comes to pass at this time?
Everyone knows that Jerusalem is a famous city? But why and for what reasons? Robin Webber looks at the origins of Jerusalem's significance from the time of Abraham to the present challenges that belabor this sensitive area of geopolitics.
This city that Zechariah refers to "as a very heavy stone for all peoples" is incredibly special to God. There is a purpose being worked out here below and to a great extend it runs through Jerusalem. Why is Jerusalem the "bull's eye of biblical prophecy?" Robin Webber illustrates from the scriptures in your Bible how Jerusalem moves from a battlefield of world history to the capital of a new society established by the returning Jesus Christ.
To the Church at Pergamos Christ said, "I know your works, and where you dwell, where Satan's throne is." Can we know and see where and what He meant?
A comparison of Daniel 2 and Revelation 17, showing that the last part of the image Nebuchadnezzar saw is the same part as the "ten kings" of Revelation 17.
Exactly what did Jesus Christ mean when He prophesied this would be a sign of the coming Kingdom?
The Bible talks of a "place" where God's church will be protected during a coming time of trial. Where will that place be and will you be ready?
Speaking of a system called Babylon in Revelation God says, "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues". Babylon stretches from Genesis to Revelation as the earthly system that stands in defiance of God and His plan. It is the entrenched worldly system that opposes God and His plan. How do we respond to God's warning to avoid being entrapped in this system?
Could it be that the west has been in retreat since the end of World War II? This presentation will explore this possibility with the aid of Bible prophecy and insight from modern experts.
Conventional wisdom today dismisses Europe as a "museum" of past glory. China and India will be the big player of the twenty-first century they say. Is Europe to be only a bystander in future events? Bible prophecy has something to say about this. Europe's roots foretell its future.
The ministry of the Two Witnesses offers a tremendous witness to the world at the end of the age. They are some of the predominant human beings mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This session will specifically address the what, where, when, why and who of these unique servants of God. Be prepared to focus in on the subject matter of prophecy as discovered in Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11.
Prophetically we look to Europe for the appearance of a system to fulfill many prophecies. Rather than looking for another United States in Europe we should look for a system more akin to the old Holy Roman Empire.
Washington Times Editorial Page Editor Tony Blankley's new book "The West's Last Chance" highlights the growing international threat from radical Islam. "The West", says Blankley, " is down to its last chance".
How Muslims are divided in to different sects and ideologies, yet they have a strong desire to unite. Bible prophecies, as well as their own traditions indicate that they will come together in the end time. Who are the key players? Who will be able to unite the various factions?
The connection between Jeremiah's mission to the nation of Judah and the commission given to God's church today.
Explanation of the background of the west's moral and spiritual decline.