Who Owns Jerusalem?

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Who Owns Jerusalem?

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Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch has said that it is up to Israel to make peace with the Palestinians. "God made the land for Christians and Muslims" says Michael Sabbah the Roman Catholic leader of in his annual Christmas message.

"I hope we are entering into a new phase with Annapolis," Sabbah told a news conference in Jerusalem's Old City. "The one who will decide is Israel. If Israel decides for peace, there will be peace."

I think Sabbah is putting abnormal pressure on Israel. He criticizes Israel calling the land a Jewish state. Of course that is at the heart of the conflict, Israel's desire and claim for a Jewish homeland in the the region. Arab claims are strong as well.

We did a Beyond Today program a few months ago, called "Who Owns Jerusalem". In it I state that God owns Jerusalem and in the end He will be the one to bring a lasting peace to the land. We are not there yet.

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