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I Can See Clearly Now (or Can I?)

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I Can See Clearly Now (or Can I?)

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I had been falling behind in my schoolwork. The teacher noticed a problem and moved me from a seat at the rear of the class to one on the front row. She had determined that I was not able to see the blackboard well. Next, there was a visit to the school nurse for an eye check, which confirmed a vision problem.

Dr. Cooper, the local optometrist, checked me out thoroughly and prescribed glasses. When they came, he had me look out the window of his second floor office at some trees down the road. He then stood behind me and slipped the glasses down over my eyes.

What a world of difference! The trees suddenly had distinctly visible leaves; people on the street below had faces; the signs on the store fronts were readable! I exclaimed, "I can see clearly now!"

Much the same thing happened when God gave me understanding of His truth. Suddenly the Bible made sense. Before this, even attendance at many different denominations had not brought any real meaning to religion. It was just something you were expected to do.

When God opened my eyes, it was like having glasses given to me to see clearly what He planned for mankind. What the Bible said suddenly began to make sense. I was gaining spiritual vision!

But the vision is not completely clear. As Paul said, "Now we see in a mirror dimly" (1 Corinthians 13:12). He has revealed His truth and His plan up to a point, but not fully what is ahead in the world tomorrow. We understand prophecy, but do not completely understand how it is going to come about. The details will come when it does happen, but as time goes on, it becomes clearer.

We must have patience and wait for His plan to unfold. Things will become clearer, as if we are given new glasses to aid our vision. When Christ returns, we will be given new bodies and new eyes. Then we can truly say, "I can see clearly now"!