Lie Lovers

October 18, 2012

One of the most intriguing qualities some people have is that they seem to love hearing lies.

That was a big problem in the Garden of Eden. Israel also lost a wonderful future because of their love of lies (Jeremiah:5:31). Satan is the father of lies (John:8:44), and God cannot lie (Hebrews:6:18). Even though the world and society we live in is crumbling under the weight of dishonesty and a lack of trustworthiness, most people seem to cling to that way of life. It is Satan's way and an affront to our Creator, who hates lies.

Why are there lie lovers? Possibly because it allows us to excuse ourselves when we are prone to lie a little. It may be that we have a built-in resistance towards God that Satan has managed to lead us into. One would think that after we have been lied to many times since we were children, we would hate, despise and loathe anything that seems like a lie. We ought to come to that point. We too need to learn to hate a lie and the great one who encourages mankind to lie—Satan. We can begin on the road of recovery by seeking truth, speaking truth and loving truth. The road may not be easy, and bad habits are very hard to break, but it is the only road that does not lead to eternal death. Be a truth lover.


KARS's picture

Thank you for sharing sound advice to us.
It is very true.
When we finally decide "enough is enough" and turn the other way around; letting go of the past bad behaviors and additudes, something wonderful begins to happen when we put God our Father first into our lives.
For truth sets us free.


Nelson's picture

The lie is spread by the world in all levels. Make bad things to seems good things is a routine to the most people. Hating the lie is to reject the path of the enemy of mankind !
Courageously face our fails without looking for excuses using bad examples is what we all must do!
Thanks for the message of today!!!

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