Making a Difference

September 18, 2012

We sometimes berate ourselves for not making more of an impact or difference with other people, or when facing the trials and difficulties of life.

We wonder if our feeble effort has any value. None of us are an island. We all have parents, siblings, children and friends in whose life we make a huge impression just by living. We are born into a family, community and nation—and that already has an impact. We affect many people.

The question is not “Can you make a difference?” You already make a difference. It is just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make. Will we act to make this world a better place, or will we allow our erroneous thinking drive us to complacency and self-defeat? Think about that and how you can make a positive difference.


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I know what to do but as it stands I can only to what I am able at this time. Thus, prayer is a very powerful tool for helping others till an opportunity comes to help even better.

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