Through My Eyes

December 11, 2012

All humans have developed a certain amount of understanding from the knowledge they have received and the experiences of life.

Each person has a different set of experiences and abilities, and our view of the world differs because of that. A starving person will look at a piece of bread in a different way than a person who has been well fed. We don't see things the way they are; we just see them the way we are.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that our perception is colored and determined by all that we are as a person. Knowing that our perception may not be accurate is where wisdom and humility are needed. We have no choice but to see the world through our own mind development—but we can learn to stand back and try to see the other side of a circumstance. Our Creator offers us a chance to come and reason together with Him (Isaiah:1:18). He lets us see a little through His eyes and if we are wise, we will be greatly enriched. Listen as another explains their perspective, and judge your own by that.


KARS's picture

So true, find out both sides of a story before making a final decision.


Nelson's picture

Each angle one perspective. Only GOD has all perspectives.
We have to make effort to understand other viewpoints, other circunstances. So it´s necessary much pray.

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