Time Is Precious

December 6, 2012

Most people place a great value on things like jewels or gold and silver.

Time is also precious, and we usually make plans for going places, sleeping, eating or working. We can save up the precious items and store them, but time cannot be put in a safety deposit box. Each minute that passes is lost forever to us. If we use time wisely, we are enriched, if we do not use it, we've lost something valuable.

The Bible has much to say about the wise use of time. One scripture advises us to do what we can when we can and not delay, because we are never sure what will come next (Ecclesiastes:11:6). There is a time for everything—sleeping, taking one's leisure, working and playing. Knowing that time is precious will help us make the most of the years we have on earth. Some of that time needs to be spent thinking about the time after these years of life—that is time without end.

Berenice Emehiser

Berenice Emehiser's picture

We cannot be reminded of this too much - thank you!


Nelson's picture

We have to think about our time-life always and asking light to the way forward! God will hear us, I´m sure!
Thanks for the lesson!


jill.chenard's picture

as a procrastinator by nature, this was the reminder i needed to get moving! thank you :)

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