Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion

Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion

The Bible talks about Christian conversion, but what does it mean?

Christian conversion is a process of changing your life. It's crucial that you accurately understand what the Bible teaches!

The Bible Study aid booklet, Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion, will examine the Bible's teaching on this Christian transformation process. Contrary to what many think, it is not just a one-time event. Instead the Scriptures reveal that it is a life-long process.

The process begins with God's calling, followed by the key steps of repentance, baptism and the receiving of the Holy Spirit—finally climaxing with the return of Jesus Christ, when the dead in Christ are resurrected to immortality and given eternal life. That is the ultimate transformation, being changed from a mortal to an immortal being!

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“Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew:22:14). That's what Jesus said. But what does it mean? (p. 7).

If they respond by choosing to surrender their will to God so His Spirit can guide both their hearts and their conduct, they are chosen for salvation—to have a part in His eternal kingdom (p. 11).

We must see the need for a new heart, a different way of thinking, a right spirit and attitude—a transformed mind. We must see that the heart is naturally deceitful and desperately sick (Jeremiah 17:9) (p. 15).

To imitate Christ we must ask God for help, through His Spirit, so we can bring our thoughts, attitudes and actions in line with His (p. 43).

This growth process involves overpowering the pulls of the flesh, replacing them with the character of Christ. Where do we begin? (p. 51).