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This week I finished reading what I believe is the longest book I have ever read. For some time I had wanted to read the novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo“. I had seen a couple of movie adaptations over the years and thought I knew the story well. The book is over 1450 pages long and has a lot more characters and plot than any of the movies. Though it was written in the 1840′s it reads well and was a real page turner.

It is the story of Edmond Dantes, a French sailor falsely imprisoned for 14 years who plots revenge on the men responsible. As the name implies, it is a “Christ story” built around judgement, justice, hope and patience. I learned a lot about nineteenth century France and had many enjoyable hours reading.

This is a good time of the year to catch up on some of the reading we intend to do at other times. I always have several books I am reading at any one time. Though much of what I read deals with aspects of the job, the “serious stuff”, I always have a lighter work, usually fiction that I read as well.

My books mean a lot to me. Though I cull them continually there remains a core library of books that have been with me most of my life. Many of them I go back to periodically to read and remember. Certain sections are marked and still speak wisdom or entertainment to me. At times while writing I will get up and go to a book I have read to pull a quote. They are part of the tools of the trade.

This reminds me I need to do put out another suggested reading list. Look for it soon.