From the Psalms: In Your Presence is the Fullness of Joy

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From the Psalms

In Your Presence is the Fullness of Joy

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There are so many reasons to foster a strong relationship with your Creator. One very powerful reason is in Psalm 16:11.

King David writes: “In Your Presence is the fullness of joy.”

Do you have difficulties in your life? Do you have stress that breeds anxiety? How is your relationship with God? When you are close to your Father or “in His presence” you can have a joy that will diminish your troubles. Joy is different from happiness. Joy is something that lives inside of you. It is always there even through tough trials. Joy is part of the fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). Once you have been baptized, believe in the gospel, and a minister of God has laid hands upon you to receive the Spirit, you have access to the divine joy of God (See Transforming Your Life).

We tend to keep ourselves so busy that we don’t make our spiritual life a priority. This is an enormous mistake. Knowing God and what His Word says is what brings us comfort and understanding. Talking with God and sharing is how He can carry us when we need it (Psalm 68:19). Have you tried building your relationship with God? Praying is your opportunity to talk to God, and studying the Bible is how He talks to you.

I was discussing this topic with a good friend recently. He says, “It takes three days.” Three days of not studying and praying is when you life starts to go astray. Then anxiety sets in. That’s the point when we have neglected tapping into the giver of joy and peace.

You can only strengthen your relationship with God when you are actively working on it. It’s not until you spend quality time with friends that a relationship is built. It works the same with your relationship with God. Psalm 16:8 shows us that David always considered God. Not just in a time of need. His words are: “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

God’s plan of salvation for all mankind is so refreshing. God doesn’t plan to build His family with just a few Christians. He wants to offer salvation to the whole world (2 Peter 3:9). God’s coming Kingdom has been called a Kingdom of peace. We can experience that peace today by deepening our relationship with God. Know Him. Talk to Him.

King David experienced this joy so deeply that he shared it with us in the Psalms. We, too, can experience this joy when we are in God’s presence submitting to Him. It’s through prayer and Bible study that we can build our relationship and come into His presence.