How To Be A Good Dude

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How To Be A Good Dude

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I was recently asked a question the other day, “How can I be a good dude?”.  It made me ponder what that really means. I know that the answers will vary depending on the person that you ask, but I have a few points about what really makes a dude “good”.

The first aspect about being a good dude that I would like to cover is treating the ladies right. Growing up and entering into my teen years, my mother use to always tell me that I needed to treat women like I would treat her. When you are around your mother, do you do you best to be polite, respectful, helpful and caring? I believe all of these things apply in the way we, as dudes, should treat women.  It doesn't matter if they are family, just a friend or more than friends. If you conduct yourself in this manner you will be truly surprised at the results you will get.

Respecting women is a second key on how to be a good dude. Now I know the word respect is thrown out a lot—but trust me, it really is something that should not be ignored. Women appreciate it when you respect them and in order to respect them, you have to make the effort to get to know them. All women have certain boundaries and it is our job to find them and respect them—not to push them. Find out the things that they care about, what they do and don’t like and consider those things. The women will pick up on this and your respect for them will become very obvious in word and in action.

A third and final key to be a good dude is to get your education and career. In Proverbs 24:27, the Bible says, “Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field: and afterward build your house”. This scripture tells us that before we build our house we must have our fields prepared. So in preparing for a family and supporting them we need to do the necessary outside work. You need to get your education and you need to take it seriously. Without the proper education and preparation in this day and age it is almost impossible to get any kind of work. It is our job as the man to be responsible and provide a stable environment to support our future family.

These are just the beginnings of all of the traits that make up a good dude and how to become a better dude. But hopefully you will find these three aspects helpful and apply them to your life.


  • dust_i_am

    From time to time, people try to tell me I'm good. I tell them I'm not.

    "There is only One who is good." - words of Jesus in Matthew 19:17.

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