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Selective Memory

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I was watching the CBS News program, Sunday Morning, this morning. They had a piece on the "comfort women" used by Japanese soldiers during World War II. "Comfort women" were local women from Korea or China who were brought in to be cooks, cleaners and sex partners for soldiers. These women were repeatedly raped night after night by soldiers. there were thousands of women used like this. Today there are only few hundred still alive, old women whose lives were forever altered by this vile practice.

Japan today will not fully admit the practice and maintains these women were hired and paid through third parties that provided their services. In other words, they are saying these women willingly hired themselves out for this practice.

The Shinto culture of Japan cannot pronounce guilt on a previous generation. It would bring shame and cannot be allowed. This is a strange practice, one not easily understand by Western norms.

Japan has a selective memory when it comes to another atrocity of the time. The massacre in Nanking of more than 300,000 non-combatants presents another problem. In 1937-38 Japanese troops carried out a six week rampage of rape, looting, arson and execution of prisoners of war and civilians.

Japanese nationalists have disputed whether this atrocity occurred. The Japanese government has acknowledged an incident happened but does not admit the full problem claimed China. The existence of such an atrocity has been repeatedly confirmed by statements of Westerners at the International Military Tribunal for the Far East as well as eyewitnesses who had personally witnessed civilians being murdered and women raped by Japanese soldiers. There is also an extensive collection of photographic records of mutilated bodies of Chinese women and children. Recent archaeological findings further support the existence of this massacre having taken place. Accounts of the rape of Nanking have even been expunged from Japanese school textbooks.

I find this failure to admit a crime when there is clear evidence that it happened to be the sheer arrogance. But we should not be surprised. In spite of the eyewitness testimony, the films and pictures and the physical evidence gathered for more than sixty years, there are those who deny the systematic effort by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews of Europe in World war II.

Turkey is facing a similar problem with the Armenian Holocaust between 1915 and 1917. Hundreds of thousands, possibly more than a million, Armenians were killed by the government of the Young Turks as the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Turkey claims the deaths were the result of ethnic strife, disease and famine during World War I. They refuse to admit a systematic effort to eliminate the Armenians from Turkey. Once again there is ample evidence to prove this atrocity.  This is a major stumbling block for Turkey's bid to join the European Union.

I recently wrote an article about this in World News and Prophecy. A few days later an envelope arrives in my mail with a whole sheaf of "evidence" the Holocauset never took place. The writer scolded me for perpetuating such "lies". I don't know exactly how to feel about someone like this. They are either willfully ignorant completely brainless.

Denial of the obvious does not remove the fact. Ridicule and intimidation of those who tell their story does not take away the humiliation and shame when one's youth and innocence is destroyed. Hundreds of thousands died in Nanking and millions died in the Jewish and Armenian holocausts. 

No human power can provide justice for these events. It is only through the power of ressurrection that God will provide the means to restore the lives of those who were slaughtered. God remembers. He will bring an end to the rule of humans who hurt and destroy the creation.