Strive to Be a Disciple

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Strive to Be a Disciple

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I strive to be a disciple. What does it mean to be a disciple? A disciple is someone who believes in Jesus and seeks to follow Him in his or her daily life. A disciple also will be willing to assist in spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. Do we actively follow Him and actively proclaim what He teaches? Or do we sit back quietly and be a "social media Peter," denying what we know to be true?

I have a mixture of friends on social media who share different beliefs. I have told my friends that if I share something I believe to be true, I'm not trying to offend, but to follow what I am commanded to do. I believe the Bible to be true and I will continue to share and speak about what I believe. One day I will stand before God and must answer to Him about what I did in this life. I want Him to know I did my best to share the gospel with others. I never purposely seek to offend, but rather will gladly point out what I know, according to God’s words, to be true.

Many of us have many friends from all backgrounds. We may all have different views on things and that’s OK. We should be able to love each other and be content to agree to disagree at times. But we have to commit to never stop talking about our love for God, Jesus and the words written in the Bible. We must not back down, and we must strive to be a disciple.