Meeting Resistance

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Meeting Resistance

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Coaches dream up all sorts of ways in which resistance can be placed before an athlete. Training vigorously is not something most of us do gladly. Most people find it hard to put the needed effort into become very strong. One reason Olympic athletes are admired is because of the great devotion they show in getting ready for events. The more people train, the more accomplished and stronger they become. There is nothing new in that statement.

A beloved disciple, and later apostle, was Peter. He suffered a great deal serving the people of God. Peter passed on a blessing when he asked God to perfect, strengthen, establish and settle us—after we have suffered a while (1 Peter 5:10). It is in the resistance we mount that our strength grows. Our greatest Coach is Almighty God and He promised never to lead us into an area that we cannot succeed without making a way of escape—after we resist (1 Corinthians 10:13).