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Few people are able to set and maintain their own schedules. That takes self-control, discipline and knowledge. Most want others to supply a guideline because it takes effort to do it themselves. When groups of people are involved, it is important to establish a timetable in which certain tasks are completed as the group heads toward finishing a job. On an individual basis, a timetable is also very useful. It means organizing your time and organizing a task. Successful people know the value of making a plan and sticking to it. We humans need reminders, so God has given His annual holy days as a yearly timetable for us to have a set pattern to live and grow by. They are holy because they are His days (Leviticus 23:2).

Your life has a timetable built into it. Each year we grow older, and as life progresses, we grow and gain abilities and skills, and then face the decline of our abilities and skills as we grow old. That is when the value of choosing wisely in our youth pays big dividends. We all grow old according to a timetable God has set in place. It is within His timetable that we can set individual goals.

Seeking God when we are young leads to a full life and the certainty of His love when eyes grow dim (Ecclesiastes 12:1).