What Makes a Good Mentor?

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What Makes a Good Mentor?

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What makes a good mentor? I was asked that recently and reflected on the mentors I’ve had in the past.

The mentors that I found most helpful were the ones that valued my opinions and thoughts, even when I was still growing and maturing in them.

Those who listened more than they lectured.

Those who weren’t afraid to share their own experiences with me, even when that meant they had to admit that they were once young and immature too.

Those who proved their love to me by being honest with me and treating me as an equal, a peer, instead of someone to “set on the straight and narrow”.

Those who looked past my outer shell, and penetrated my heart, who valued me as a daughter of God just as they were a child of God.

Those who prayed for me, and asked me to pray for them, about specific issues.

Those who told me their troubles, so that I felt comfortable sharing mine.

These wonderful people didn’t set out to be mentors, but through their constant love and acceptance of who God made me to be, they ended up my friends, and because they are my friends, their examples guide my thoughts, their advice guides my actions, and their love guides me on my journey to God’s Kingdom.