Flight of the Monarch

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Flight of the Monarch

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Of the many miracles that occur in the natural world one of the most amazing involves the monarch butterfly. While the, metamorphosis from larva to butterfly is remarkable in itself, it pales in comparison to the other great miracle these butterflies participate in each year.

The monarchs are striking in appearance with their fiery orange and black markings. But they are frail creatures. They have flimsy wings and tiny bodies. They fly-dance in the air with no discernable purpose. Their diet consists solely of milkweed. Were it not for the nearly 3,000 miles they migrate each year, these butterflies would seem ordinary indeed.

It is astonishing to consider the migratory path of the monarch. Each August, the butterflies leave eastern Canada and the United States to make their way to a winter nesting site in the transvolcanic mountains of central Mexico. Every single year these creatures make the journey to the same 50-square-mile piece of real estate. If that weren’t amazing in itself, consider the following:


The butterflies cannot travel too early in the day when the air is cold and damp, nor can they fly at night.

The butterflies are highly susceptible to winds and inclement weather.

The butterflies are vulnerable to predators such as birds and mice.

The monarchs’ migratory path is long and perilous. Once-in-a-lifetime trips generally are. No butterfly ever makes the trip twice. Yet a new generation of monarchs make their way to Mexico each year, just as though they’ve personally made the trip a thousand times. Even if a butterfly is knocked off course by wind, it knows how to get back to the migratory route. This was designed by God, of course, who planned the migration and was careful to provide the monarchs with places to rest and feed during their journey. Not only has the Creator given each butterfly the innate ability and desire to fulfill its destiny, He has given them the means to do so.

If God designed the butterflies’ route with such detail, how much more preparation has He put into your destiny?

As humans, we are frail like the butterfly. We can withstand only so much grief, only so much tribulation, only so much illness and injury. Not only does God recognize this, He plans for it. He gives us shelter, He feeds us, He leads us back on course. He gives us everything we need to fulfill our destiny.

If God would take such care of a floppy insect that measures less than three square inches, how much more would He do for His begotten children? If God designed the butterflies’ route with such detail, how much more preparation has He put into your destiny? The monarch butterfly is a minor part of creation. But if God has so painstakingly cared for just one insect, just think of how much more He cares for you.

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