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Technical Support for Your Mind and Soul

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Ever had one of those frustrating computer glitches? The last few times I've tried to copy files to a peripheral drive, it keeps crashing my whole system! Even when I restart the computer, the external drive kept whirring and there was no way to stop it or eject the disk!

After reading the little bit of printed documentation and exploring the on-line manual and frequently asked questions (FAQs), I still haven't figured out the problem. I'm about ready to call in the big guns by calling the technical support number.

Sometimes you just need the help of technical support-a real person (OK, a real knowledgeable and helpful person!) to assist with your specific questions.

More important questions

What if you could get personal support for even more important questions? Questions about life and its meaning. Questions about why there is so much evil and suffering in this world. Questions about how to have better relationships with family, neighbors, enemies and with our Creator God.

There is a source for this information. Our Maker has provided an instruction book--a manual for mankind--the Holy Bible. Since the equipment it covers (you and me) is quite complex, this manual can be complex in places as well. But it's easier when you discover documentation that shows you where to find the answers to the frequently asked questions in that manual (for example, see the Literature Library of the United Church of God Web site at

Still sometimes you need personal help and answers to specific questions. Like when you come across scriptures that seem to contradict each other, or that contradict well-worn traditions you've been taught. Or when you are trying to figure out how to apply the principles of the Bible to your specific circumstances.

There is a place you can turn to get answers from trained and caring ministers. You can send a message to, and gain the benefit of decades of biblical study and years of counseling experience. This month Tom Clark, a United Church of God pastor in Kansas, is fielding the questions.

Of course, e-mail isn't the only way to get an answer. You can send a letter to Personal Correspondence, United Church of God, P.O. Box 541027, Cincinnati, OH 45254-1027. Or if you want to talk to a minister in your area by phone or in person, that can be arranged as well.

"Ask Youth"

Teens, there is a special resource just for you. "Ask Youth" is part of the brand-new Youth United e-zine at Check it out, and send a question or comment while you're at it.

Enthusiastic and talented veteran ministers who serve at teen summer camps "are anxious to also serve you. Give us a try about your worries, concerns, questions, hopes and desires, and we'll do our best to help you discover sound biblical advice," said the first issue.

The magazine even provides an on-line form to fill out to instantaneously submit a question.

Now if it were only that easy to get answers about why my computer keeps crashing!