Bible Commentary: 1 Chronicles 27

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1 Chronicles 27

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David's Military and Tribal Organization 

Many of the mighty men we previously read about in 1 Chronicles 11 and 2 Samuel 23 headed up groups of 24,000 men who served on national security one month out of each year. These 288,000 men taken together probably constituted the regular army. This organization apparently dates back to the beginning of David's reign, since Asahel is mentioned as the leader in the fourth month. He was killed by Abner before David moved to Jerusalem (see 2 Samuel 2:18-23), and was succeeded by his son Zebadiah (1 Chronicles 27:7).

The tribal leaders at this time are also listed, but how they were chosen is not stated. The individual tribes may have done that. It is interesting to note that the tribal leader of Judah is David's brother Elihu (1 Chronicles 27:18), apparently his oldest brother elsewhere called Eliab (1 Samuel 16:6). And the leader of Benjamin is the son of Abner, apparently the Abner who was Saul's uncle and military commander, well respected in his tribe and by all of Israel before his murder at the hand of Joab (compare 2 Samuel 2-3). David's economic or agricultural administrators are listed, along with several other officials over the course of his reign.