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Making Memory Scriptures Enjoyable

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Making Memory Scriptures Enjoyable

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• If someone has a difficult time with memorizing make sure they can use their Bible to find the scriptures when necessary. Understanding the concepts is important if they can't remember the actual scripture.

• Some memorize really well but then forget shortly afterwards. It's good to have some memory scriptures but just memorizing to do something is not of value in the long term.

• Make sure the words are understood first.

• Memorization of scriptures is beneficial but it is hard work and not necessarily fun so after memorization is accomplished, games can be formed to quiz and reinforce. Examples: how fast can you say a scripture; sing it to the family; go around the table or room and have each person say one word each of it; write one word per card then mix up the cards so they have to put it in order.

• Memorization should not be unduly hard or embarrassing.