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Children's video for signing for the Deaf Brethren

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Children's video for signing for the Deaf Brethren


Greetings everyone,

The Deaf Service team put together a video for the children to learn some sign language and sign while they sing the children’s song at the feast. With a little practice, they can sign the songs.  Here is the announcement, with a YouTube link:

“Anchorage Alaska is the official site for our Deaf members this year. To help make the children’s music even more special for them, we have made a video teaching our children a few signs to use as they sing their songs this year. This is totally voluntary, but last year this was a big hit with both the children and our Deaf members who attended the feast in Lake Texoma, Texas.  Obviously the older children might learn more phrases than the younger children, but even one phrase repeated over and over in each song will be a gift of love to our Deaf members. Please feel free to use this video as best fits your child’s age and situation. Thank you for your willingness to help your children serve in this way!"