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August 13, 2020 Update

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August 13, 2020 Update


August 13, 2020 Update:  Includes info on two additional hotels -- Hampton Inn Daytona Beach and the Hawaiian Inn Daytona Beach, which have offered significant discounts.  See Housing tab for more info.  

Thank you for registering to attend the Feast in Daytona Beach this year.  It will be a great Feast!

In this update, I wanted to bring you up to date on our plans for the Feast this year and what has developed as we work with the Ocean Center to be sure we are in compliance with all the guidelines and recommendations that are in place at this time.   

We have worked with the Ocean Center in ways to accommodate all who are registered for Daytona to come to the Feast this year, taking into account social and seating distancing guidelines, and other local recommendations.   We will be meeting in the 94,000 square feet Exhibition Hall which will allow more than 1,000 to safely attend services every day, and to enjoy fellowship before and after services.  The Center will be setting up the seating for us. 

In addition to the main meeting hall, we will have a separate large room that will be designated "mask only" for those who prefer to wear a mask the entire time.  Those coming to fellowship in that room will be asked to put a mask on in respect of those seated there.

Just so you know current guidelines in Daytona, there are no masking requirements when on the beach, but there are masking requirements when in public places, such as stores.  Masks are recommended, but not required indoors when social distancing can be maintained. 

Most of the housing we have available is beachside or across from the beach.  We have added two hotels -- the Hampton Inn Daytona Beachfront and the Hawaiian Inn-- to our list of hotels that have provided significant discounts for Feastgoers.  The rooms offered at these hotels are oceanfront.  Details for these hotels is provided under the Housing tab of this site. 

Please note:  Because the Convention Bureau is offering the Church an incentive, we ask that wherever you make lodging reservations you specifically let them know and ask them to record that you are with the United Church of God.

If you have questions, or need assistance in housing or anything else concerning the Feast in Daytona, please feel free to call or email me.   

We are looking forward to spending the Feast with all of you in this place, one of which is where God has placed His name this year.