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Possible Daytona Beach Family Day Activity -- Need Your Input

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Possible Daytona Beach Family Day Activity -- Need Your Input


Dear Daytona Beach Registrant,

We are putting together the Activity Schedule for Daytona Beach and expect to have that schedule completed and published within the next week or so.

But, we need your help in determining a possible Family Day activity that we could schedule, as it will require advance ticket purchases.  I’ll explain that next, but let me at this time also ask again for some volunteers in some areas that we still have needs in:

Ushering:  If you would like to serve in this area this year, please feel free to email Dennis Collins at greatamericandc@yahoo.com

Special Services (which service area was described in my last update).  Please email Bob McCurdy at ram19@bellsouth.net

Youth Education.  If interested, please contact Joshua Creech directly at Joshua_creech@ucg.org. 

Now, regarding the possible Family Day activity: 

The Daytona Lagoon is a combined water park and Family Entertainment Center (FEC) with miniature golf, go karts, laser tag, and an arcade all in one location adjacent to the Ocean Center.   The water park features a wave pool, splash pad for smaller children, and three large water slides that would be open at the time we are there.  You can see all the park has to offer on its website at daytonalagoon.com

The Park normally closes after the last weekend in September, but they will remain open for us as a private party, if there are enough interested in taking part in this activity.

Just so you know, the park has already worked with the city and local government and has been approved to admit up to 500 from our group to the water park on either the Monday or Tuesday of the Feast, since this would be a private party for UCG Feastgoers only.

We have 800 registered for the Feast in Daytona this year, with over 200 under the age of 18 (not counting their parents), and just about 100 young adults between the ages of 19 and 35. 

The pricing for the water park for up to four hours and the FEC (which includes all those features listed above at no extra cost for four hours) would be $35 per person (age 2 and over) if we have 350 sign up and commit to this activity.  That represents 1/3 off the regular price for UCG, who have exclusive use of the parks that day.  If more than 350 (age 2 and above) attend, the price would be further reduced. IF less sign up, it will be a higher price, as we have a fixed minimum rental rate for the day we need to meet.

There is an option for using the FEC only or water park only, but that rate will have to be determined later. 

IF this is something you and/or your family would be interested in, and would be willing to purchase tickets before the Feast, I need to hear from you by this coming Sunday, September 14, so I can make arrangements with the facility, then set up a mechanism for advance tickets to be purchased.  Whether we do this activity will be determined by the advanced ticket sales.    

I wish there was a simpler way to do this, but just email me if you are interested in this as a Family Day activity.  Let me know how many would attend, their ages, and whether you prefer water park plus FEC, or just wet park or FEC.  Also, please let me know if you are willing to purchase tickets for this ahead of time.  Based on the response, we will proceed with a tentative commitment, then get back with you on how you can purchase tickets for this event online. 

Thanks for your attention.  If there are questions I can answer, please feel free to email me.

Rick Shabi
Daytona Feast Coordinator

P.S.  If you haven’t already made housing reservations in Daytona, check out the new hotels and discounted rates that have been added under the Housing Info tab at feast.ucg.org.