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Junior High Level

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Junior High Level

The following lessons were prepared with Jr. High School students in mind. They are offered to teachers looking for lesson ideas for an age group which has progressed beyond the younger Sabbath school curriculum, but are not yet at the Sr. High School level. These particular lessons are not offered because they represent the most important topics for Jr. High Students. However, these subjects have proven to be of interest to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, and they also will serve as a pattern for teachers developing their own lessons. We hope to offer other outlines in the future as we are able. 

The following lessons are available in PDF format.

What Is Sin?
Monitoring Your Morals
Is Overcoming Overwhelming?
Following the Rules
Origin of Satan
Character Traits
Love for God: God's First Four Commandments
Love for Neighbor: The Last Six Commandments
The Sabbath Rest