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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

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2015 Feast of Tabernacles Report

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

As with last year the festival was held at the Sandman Inn, which is central in the city. We had coffee service each day and an area set aside as a “hospitality area” that provided members the opportunity to fellowship before and after services. We used the space for an early meet-and-greet dessert social that allowed members to get together to fellowship early in the Feast. The majority of the members stayed at the hotel and had access to the meeting rooms which provided the opportunity for spontaneous activities.

Doug Lesh gave the opening night message titled “Rejoicing in Brotherly Love,” and it set a positive tone. The following day Mr. Lesh was ordained as an elder by Michael Erickson, Ed Dowd and John Petrisor. Many commented it was a positive experience, and the positive tone continued for the rest of the Feast.

On youth day we were blessed with many young men who participated in the service, from prayers to song leading, to leading the children’s choir and speaking. Giving his first sermonette, Matthew Erickson, a young adult from the Prince George congregation, gave a message titled “Growing to Your Potential,” focusing on doing so both in and outside the church. Ed Dowd gave the sermon titled “Will You Receive Your Family Inheritance?” and later gave a teen and young adult Bible study on the power of choice.

Many made comments on how the positive tone carried through all the messages and activities, which flowed together seamlessly. How wonderful it was to have so many youth participate in the Feast, especially on family day. It truly was a Feast to remember.