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2018 ABC Baccalaureate Weekend

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2018 ABC Baccalaureate Weekend

On May 10, the students had their traditional graduation banquet at Norlyn Manor just outside Batavia, where each student was given individual recognition for their part in the ABC year.

Most family members came in on Friday and attended Cincinnati afternoon services for the graduation weekend sermon given by Victor Kubik. In his sermon, the president highlighted many of the accomplishments of past graduates and how much they add to the Church. He hopes to give more opportunity for service to our graduates.

After the welcome and invocation, student body president David Rains delivered the student discourse recounting the many fun moments this year had brought, and how they came here as individuals, but were now “a family.” He told of his grandfather’s funeral with hundreds of people coming because of a lifelong legacy of good works. Even though David was only 3 years old when his grandfather died, he always tried to live up to his grandfather’s legacy. He spoke of the class’ service activities including the charity auction, their travel to the local churches to perform special music and their class trip to St. Louis, Missouri. He admonished the class of 2018 to expand on the legacy they have made at ABC and leave an even longer legacy into the future from what they had learned in God’s Word.

The graduation address was given by ABC coordinator Dr. Frank Dunkle. He recounted the many hours spent with the students and how they had advanced so far in these nine months. He, as well as David Rains, recounted his using his son’s action figures and castles on stage to reenact the battle of captivity of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and other Marvel Comic characters played the parts of the story, and no one forgets such a lively and entertaining teaching lesson as the “war” that is relived on stage with their scriptural references. He acknowledged the various ways the faculty imparts knowledge, yet knowledge alone is not the purpose of ABC. Students must leave and put that knowledge to use; to be able to faithfully pass it on to others as Paul admonished Timothy in Scripture.

The address was followed by the presentation of the Council of Elders Service Award, given to Nathan Berg and Coleen Guintu, and the Ambassador Award of Excellence, given to David Rains and Kayla Weaner. They each received a crystal apple clock in recognition of their achievements. Then the graduate names were read and diplomas given as each student came to the stage. Student Danielle Britt (wife of ministerial trainee Steven Britt), instead of the traditional flowers, carried her baby across the stage. Little Lilaina was born during the second semester of class, but Danielle was able to attend via Skype and make up assignments to still receive her diploma.

After the recessional march to Pomp and Circumstance, the students did the traditional balloon release outside the office and took pictures. They then returned to the dining area for refreshments and cake and fellowship with family, friends, faculty and alumni. It was a beautiful sunny day for the event. We ask that you encourage your young adults and others interested to consider being new applicants for the 2018/2019 year. As the graduates can attest, it is a challenging yet foundational opportunity to learn God’s Word to be a true success in life. UN