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2019 Camp Report: Columbia Youth Camp

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2019 Camp Report

Columbia Youth Camp

The verdant site has a small lake and a large swimming pool and sits between two mountain ranges that help moderate the temperature. For sports, this site included a soccer field and tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. They also had several ping pong and pool tables. The delicious meals were prepared by the local staff.

We have the help of pastor Fred Nance and his wife Lidia, from the Little Rock, Arkansas area, who now have Colombia as part of their pastorate. Colombian-based minister Jaime Salek and his wife Janet also assisted.

There were 19 young people who participated in this week-long camp. We had daily Christian living classes by Mario Seiglie and Fred Nance. Lidia Nance and Caty Seiglie taught creative arts and crafts classes and two classes especially oriented for the girls. In addition, Mr. Seiglie gave tennis classes and four young adults became quite proficient.

In one evening, the campers presented Bible skits based on the blessings of Jacob and the life of Joseph. One of the young people’s favorite activities was to ride around the lake in a banana boat pulled by a motor boat.

On Saturday, the congregation of Cucuta, 28 in all, including some of their relatives, came to the camp for Sabbath services. The youth enjoyed two dances, one on Saturday night and another on Tuesday.

We also had a campfire that helped with the coolness of the night. Campers roasted marshmallows on the fire and ate them with chocolate and cookies.

The young people greatly enjoyed this new place for the camp. Eleven of them are from Cucuta and live close to the site, and another camper came from nearby Venezuela.

God willing, we hope to return to the same place next year!