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2019 Feast of Tabernacles: Merimbula, Australia

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2019 Feast of Tabernacles

Merimbula, Australia

For those who have kept God’s Feast at this site for many years, it was particularly exciting and moving to see the hall bursting at the seams with lots of children! It very much helped everyone to appreciate and take in the sermon given on the first Holy Day. It focused on God’s coming Kingdom being a place that will be safe for children, and therefore a place that is safe for everyone. We were reminded constantly throughout the Feast of the world that  God will bring about, as we watched the children playing happily. As we listened to God’s Word being preached for the next seven days, we were given a glimpse into how God will restore all things as part of God’s plan for humanity.

We were also able to have a taste of the Kingdom to come through plenty of fellowship and serving opportunities. Merimbula is a site that lends itself well to leisurely strolls along the water, with a high probability of bumping into fellow brethren along the way. Many brethren found their accommodation was close to others, allowing for easy get-togethers and casual meals. The teens were likewise able to maximize their time with other like-minded young people with a youth study, teen activity and numerous casual meet-ups.

The café drop-in, where brethren where invited to grab a voucher and enjoy a free drink at a local café, was a favorite among young and old alike. The café was only a short stroll from the meeting hall, making it a great place to stop in for lunch before heading off to afternoon activities. It also guaranteed plenty of time to enjoy your free drink with brethren.

The special music performed during each service was another blessing of our coming together for the Feast. It was particularly uplifting to hear the musical talents God has given to His people. It is also encouraging to hear songs being sung that have been specifically written by our fellow brethren that highlight God’s awesome and hopeful future for all of mankind.

All in all, the messages, the music, the fellowship and the time to come out of the world gave us something marvelous to look forward to and the strength to keep on keeping on!

Leah Sieff