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A Goal Reached

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A Goal Reached

When outpouring of love and support exceed a certain point, words are seldom enough to express gratitude. Suffice to say that it is our resolve to demonstrate our thankfulness by using the funds prudently.

Already, the foundation has been completed along the perimeter surrounding the church premises. I have also visited a number of suppliers of ready-made cement blocks and made a choice of the most suitable. Our major purchases include 10,000 x 8" cement blocks and aggregates, 524 x 50kg pockets of cement and two gates. 

For reasons of security and proper supervision, I shall move onto site as soon as the sensitive items are purchased. We have already identified two local bricklayers as key bricklayers and work should take 30 days. I will provide periodic updates on the progress of construction, and when the well is once again fully functioning.