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Ambassador Bible College Class of 2022 Runs “ABC Sabbath”

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Ambassador Bible College Class of 2022 Runs “ABC Sabbath”

For the morning service, Brian Styer gave the sermonette, with Aaron Dean (ABC Dean of Students) giving the sermon. With Matthew Rains as songleader, Seth Hall gave announcements, and David Jutson and Winston Snyder gave the opening and closing prayers, respectively. Special music included a vocal duet by Audrey McGuire and Fonetia Duyck titled “El Shaddai,” accompanied by Bryce Fogelson on guitar, and a vocal solo by David Jutson titled “Holy City,” accompanied by Tim Clowdus on piano. The greeters were Bryce Fogelson and Fonetia Duyck, and the ushers were Winston Snyder and Jaclyn Kale. Snacks were run by Vanessa Bean, Ariel Winger and Audrey McGuire. Jaclyn Kale was in charge of the mother’s room for the morning services, and Alan Ratcliffe worked security. 

The afternoon service opened with Bryston Bower leading hymns and Matthew Rains giving the opening prayer. Bryce Fogelson gave the sermonette, and Frank Dunkle (ABC Coordinator) followed with the sermon. Announcements were given by Winston Snyder, and the service ended with Alan Ratcliffe giving the closing prayer. The special music was titled “Is He Worthy,” and was sung by a vocal quartet consisting of Bryce Fogelson, Matthew Rains, Audrey McGuire and Vanessa Bean, accompanied by Bryce Fogelson on guitar. Brian Styer and Ariella McNally were the afternoon greeters, with Seth Hall and Audrey McGuire serving as ushers. David Jutson was on security. Snacks were run by Lauren Kess, Sue Robison and Jaclyn Kale, and the mother’s room was run by Audrey McGuire. 

The ABC Sabbath is an annual opportunity for the current ABC class to gain experience serving the Cincinnati East congregation in various capacities—experience which they will take back with them to the congregations they go to serve in the future.