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Another Successful Winter Family Weekend!

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Another Successful Winter Family Weekend!

This year’s Cincinnati Winter Family Weekend (WFW) began with an opening family dance on Tuesday evening, Dec. 23. The welcome theme provided a friendly atmosphere with balloons and neon sticks. DJ Prisca Myers job did a great job for around 650 attendees, who made it to the dance after checking in at the Great Wolf Lodge, with its beautiful convention center and water park. Delicious refreshments were enjoyed throughout the evening. Roy and Barb Fouch, Aaron and Dawn Booth and family, and Eileen Sharkey did most of the set up for the dance. Peter Eddington and his staff brought their technical skills for sound and webcasting throughout the five-day event.

Activities began in earnest at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. Volleyball, basketball, pre-teen activities, field games, little children’s pool play date and prom dress exchange dominated the day. ABC faculty and other presenters delivered seminars for those attendees desiring an educational experience. Most of these activities would flow through Thursday and Friday. The main differences were the evening events.

On Wednesday, Jelly was on stage live, to the delight of the children who attended. Visual arts were on display throughout the weekend, and performing arts featured brethren with various musical skills as well as dance. Karaoke and a jam session concluded the evening’s activities. Amy Stephens and her aides did a great job with the arts. The popular board game and corn bag toss room was available on both Wednesday and Thursday evening with John and Peggy McClain and helpers organizing that event.

Thursday saw the All-Ambassador Reunion with 100 ambassadors enjoying fellowship time and refreshments. Kathy de Campos used her decorating skills to add class to the event. The teen dance was organized by Jan Cook and featured three DJs: Samantha Cook, Lauren Pate and Stephanie Tomes brought an 80s blast from the past. Amy Stephens spearheaded the adult dance with DJ Rudy Rangel playing the dance tunes at the Snowflake Ball.

Friday brought the final round of ball games. Mike Cook and Duane Phelps (with Matt Fenchel assisting him) did a lot to make sure games were played on schedule and teams had their share of playing time. Both sports facilities are in the same area, so pre-teen activities and field games are next to the venue for volleyball and basketball games. Mike Phelps and Rudy Rangel did commendable jobs with those activities. The playoff tournament for basketball was once again won by Chattanooga with Alan Dance as player coach. Retaining their crown as volleyball champs was the Smith-Hand team in a three-game thriller.

With a theme of “Remember the Sabbath,” most activities ended at 3 p.m. on Friday, to allow adequate preparation time. Roy Waterhouse brought the Bible study on Friday evening, titled “The Joy of Working.” Sabbath morning had 10 seminars with several on the Sabbath theme. The children enjoyed being instructed by able teachers arranged by Duane and Lisa Phelps. Sabbath Services brought the WFW to a conclusion as several musical performances were enjoyed followed by the sermon titled “Remember the Sabbath Day,” by Gary Antion. Mr. Antion also introduced Frank Dunkle, who will be directing the event in future years.

After the prayer concluding services, Troy Phelps, assistant event coordinator, presented plaques and gave appreciation to the Antions for their four years as event coordinators. Beautifully decorated cakes were cut and served as brethren left the hall. Nearly 900 were in attendance on Sabbath with several more having come for a portion of the WFW.

We will now turn our eyes and thoughts to preparing for WFW 2015!

by Gary Antion, Mitchell Moss