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Camp Report: Agaja

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Camp Report: Agaja

The United Youth Camp in Nigeria took place at the beautiful beach side of Agaja in Lagos State, Nigeria, Aug. 16-24. 33 enthusiastic campers and 17 committed staff from around the country enjoyed a week of fun and challenging activities, while learning more about God’s way of life through the theme, “Be Like Our Heavenly Father.”

In addition to our regular activities of archery, volleyball, kickball, team challenge, Christian living, craft class, rope bridge and swimming, there was American Sign Language training. Last year, a deaf friend of the camp director made the campers see the need to learn even more this year. 

The 33 campers were organized into three teams: the sapphire, the ruby and the emerald team. By using the names of precious stones, they were reminded of how valuable and precious they are to God. For a week, they built new friendships, strengthened old ones, learned lessons and faced each day’s challenges together as a family.

Following breakfast and a 15-minute compass check each day, the different teams would go to their different activities outlined for the day. The kitchen staff served healthy and delicious lunch in between the activities to keep the campers and staff going. Aspects of the camp theme and daily themes were reinforced at the activities throughout the day. After dinner, there was free time for fellowship, rehearsal and clean up before lights out at 9:30 p.m.

Archery, rope bridge and swimming classes taught the importance of setting goals, focus, persistence, boldness and courage. The kickball, volleyball and team challenges taught the importance of teamwork, cooperation and unity. The campers were also taught how to make unleavened bread in the craft and catering classes.

On the Sabbath, members from the Lagos congregation joined the campers and staff for the Sabbath service. After the service there was fellowshipping before the members returned to the city.

A banquet rounded off the rest of the camp, during which each team presented songs, a skit or an ASL demonstration. Everyone enjoyed an evening of entertainment and laughter. After a Bible bowl, campers were awarded certificates for participation, outstanding attitudes and godly character, as well as for excelling in various activities.

Thanks to all campers for their cooperation, the staff and camp director and his wife for their selfless sacrifice and most importantly, all praise to our Heavenly Father for making this year’s camp a success.