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Camp Switzerland

May 19, 2024 - 12:00am CEST to May 26, 2024 - 11:55pm CEST

Join us for camp in Switzerland from May 19-26! Participants will stay in a classic mountain hut, a large but simple house designed for groups to stay overnight. Most of us will sleep in bedrooms with 4 to 11 beds. Some will bring their tent and set it up next to the house. If you generally like sleeping in a tent, you can bring one with you and decide on the spot what you prefer. The focus of our activities is very much outside of the house in nature. We have planned several hikes, with more than one activity offered on several days. One for the “real hikers” and one for families and everyone who wants to take it a little easier. We plan alternative activities in case of bad weather. On the Sabbath, we will attend the congregation in Winterthur together!


Please write to us as soon as you know how you will arrive so that we can plan the pickups.

Address: Municipality of Glarus Nord, Mullern 5, 8753 Mollis (GL), Switzerland

Cars can drive to the house and park there. The more cars we have on-site, the better. The nearest airport is Zurich. From there you can take an S-Bahn to Näfels-Mollis GL. Train from Zurich airport: via Zurich main station - Ziegelbrücke to Näfels-Mollis (GL), (S 25 Zurich S-Bahn direct connection from Zurich HB). Train coming from Munich: either via St. Gallen-Uznach-Ziegelbrücke to Näfels-Mollis (GL) or via Buchs-Sargans-Ziegelbrücke to Näfels-Mollis (IR or St. Gallen S-Bahn). Timetable: www.sbb.ch


If you haven't officially registered yet, please let us know! Simply email Erik Kasper at kasper.erik@gmail.com.


We stay at 35 Swiss francs per night for adults and 25 francs for children. One CHF is roughly equivalent to one euro, so you can transfer the same amount in euros. The price includes accommodation and meals. The costs for possible entrance fees (swimming pool, mountain lift, etc.) are not included, as we cannot yet predict in detail which activities we will do and who will take part. Everyone covers these additional costs as needed.

Since we have to pay for the hut beforehand, we ask you to transfer the amount to: 

Erik Kasper

IBAN: DE75585400350302405600

The amount is calculated as follows:

Adults: 35€ * Number of people * Number of nights 

Children: 25€ * Number of people * Number of nights

Please transfer before May.

Important details about Switzerland

Currency: CHF are not EUR. Since we are likely to pass small huts that may not accept cards, we recommend everyone to have some Swiss cash with them (recommendation CHF 100.00). You can often pay with euros, but almost always at a bad rate and you get francs as change.

Traffic fines: Traffic tickets are significantly more expensive in Switzerland than in EU countries, so please drive carefully!

Sockets: Double plugs also fit in Switzerland (e.g. cell phone chargers). Big plugs do not fit and require an adapter! Marco has an adapter for EU devices.

Roaming fees: If Switzerland is not part of your cell phone contract (which is often the case), roaming fees apply and are unusually high! So either skip your cell phone, pay the fees, or book an extra package for the month (not possible with every provider). The hut has no WiFi!

Health insurance: In most cases, you are also covered in Switzerland with your EU insurance. Please check!

Toll fees: You need a highway "vignette" for the motorway. They are available for a year or 10 days. Since we will be driving to the congregation in Winterthur together, the vignette makes sense. Without the vignette, it takes 30 minutes longer on the country road.

What to bring: We are on the edge of the high Alps!

  • Good footwear (trekking shoes, hiking boots, with good non-slip soles)
  • Rain jacket
  • Daypack
  • Water bottle
  • Swimming gear (for lake and indoor pool)
  • Board games etc.
  • Musical instruments
  • Headlamp, if available
  • Sleeping bag or bedding


We cook together in the kitchen of the hut. Please let us know if you have any food intolerance!


The beds are ONLY equipped with a mattress, you have to bring everything else with you. The easiest way is a sleeping bag. If it is still cold at night, there are plenty of woolen blankets available. A thin linen sleeping bag can be rented from the house.

Any questions? Please ask!
We're looking forward to all of you!

Erik & Michelle & Marco
Tel. +4916 31 986 236