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Council Member Profile

Roy Holladay

Roy Holladay and his twin sister, Roberta, were born in Glasgow, Kentucky, in 1940 to Robert and Grace Holladay. He is firstborn of five children—three boys and two girls. The family moved to East Tennessee in 1949 where his dad worked on the railroad and sharecropped. He grew up on a farm and played basketball and football in high school.

It was Mr. Holladay's interest in sports that led him to hear the World Tomorrow radio program in 1958. His mom was an ardent University of Kentucky basketball fan. While trying to listen to the basketball games on radio station WHAS out of Louisville, Kentucky, the World Tomorrow broadcast would overpower the station and grabbed their interest.

They met a baptizing tour in the summer of 1958, and in 1959 Roy Holladay was accepted to Ambassador College. It was there that he met Norma Cowan—his future wife. They were both in the freshman class that year. Her dad had heard the World Tomorrow radio broadcast in the mid-1930s, sent money in to help start Ambassador College in 1947 and attended the first Feast in Big Sandy, Texas, in 1953 with his family.

In the summer of 1962 Mr. Holladay went on a 12-week nationwide baptizing tour. He and his wife were married in June 1963 and sent out to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Akron and Toledo, Ohio, congregations as an associate pastor. He was ordained as a local elder on Pentecost 1964, preaching elder at the Feast of Tabernacles in 1964 and a pastor in 1968.

Mr. and Mrs. Holladay have served in Pittsburgh, Akron, Toledo, Wheeling, Charleston, Uniontown, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Uvalde, the Rio Grand Valley, Richmond, Norfolk, Arlington, Hinsdale, Chicago North, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Fort Myers, Miami, West Palm Beach, Big Sandy, Texarkana, Chattanooga and Rome congregations. He served as a senior pastor in 1976, regional pastor from 1992 to 1998 and Festival coordinator in Mt. Pocono and St. Petersburg for 10 years, 1983 to 1994.

Mr. and Mrs. Holladay attended the preplanning meeting for the Indianapolis Conference in 1995, and he was selected to the interim board and served on the Council from 1995 to 2002 (the last two years as chairman). He stepped down from the Council when he became president in 2002 and served as president of United for three years. In 2005 they moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, and presently pastor the Chattanooga and Rome, Georgia, congregations

They have five sons, five daughters-in-law and 10 grandchildren who are scattered worldwide—South Africa, Australia, California, Colorado and Texas.

Mr. Holladay sees the responsibility of being on the Council as a wonderful opportunity to serve the membership of the Church (the responsibility to care for, serve, love and look after God's flock) and to help humanity through the preaching of the gospel.

Mr. Holladay said, "I could not have served all these years without the love, help and strength of my inspiring wife—we truly are a team that works together in every phase of God's work." UN


  • 1Newme
    I can only hope to live and be as these two people have been, very much people that love and hold our Creator God in the greatest of honor and respect. The Work has been a great blessing to thousands, only coming on the backs of members such as these, the young or the new coming into the work, have so much to be thankful for, first to our Creator God, but for sure secondly to the elderly that has stood in the trench's and taken the trials and abuse this world has rained down on them so many times. I thank our Creator God for these two people, as well as all the others that have stood strong, through thick and thin. May God always guide and watch over them and the Work. Your brother in the Work.