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Free Publicity for Beyond Today

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Free Publicity for Beyond Today

John LaBissoniere, who coordinates the brethren who sponsor the Beyond Today program in their local community, wrote:

"James L. Smith, our Beyond Today cable-access TV sponsor in Cornelia, Georgia…submitted the current schedule with three short introductory paragraphs to the newspaper, and the editor was gracious enough to publish the information. We certainly congratulate James on his efforts and determination."

Mr. LaBissoniere shared this with the other sponsors and encouraged them to consider doing something similar in their communities. The title and synopsis of each program could be listed in weekly community newspapers, Saturday church pages and on the cable-access stations' online menu, where available.

"Also, if you are able to determine other means of free advertising for Beyond Today in your viewing area, please let me know and we could consider passing on your idea other sponsors," Mr. LaBissoniere wrote. His e-mail is

July 13, Defiance, Ohio's The Crescent-News daily newspaper (daily circulation, 16,827) also published an article, free of charge, about Beyond Today airings in that area.

"Our local Beyond Today sponsor, Bea Rau, submitted the article," said Mr. LaBissoniere. "She told me that after the article appeared, some people contacted the cable-access TV station desiring more information about the Church. Bea supplied several copies of The Good News to the station for those interested."

Then Peter Eddington received a phone call from the cable-access station in Defiance. "The station manager said they've had a number of phone calls from people in the community, as a result of this article, who are wanting to find out how they can watch the program," Mr. Eddington said. "Some of them don't have cable TV, so I suggested to the station manager that he offer them a Good News subscription instead, from which they will get similar information as that aired on Beyond Today. He was very accommodating, and said he would help them sign up when he has them on the phone!"