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Honoring Retiring Ministry

Noel and Becky Hornor


Noel and Becky Hornor retired after 45 years in the full-time employ of the ministry. Noel was ordained on May 22, 1972, while serving the Sacramento, California, and Reno, Nevada, church areas. Throughout their years in the ministry Noel and Becky pastored congregations in California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Oregon. Some of the highlights have been the relationships shared with God’s people, and the opportunity to visit prospective members and watch them grow towards conversion. Wonderful memories were also formed traveling internationally for the Feast and visiting Israel in 2010.

Noel was a senior writer for The Good News and has contributed to numerous booklets since 1996. When reflecting back on his written contributions Noel shared: “Over the years I’ve gained great satisfaction from developing a subject from a germ of an idea into a finished sermon, article or booklet, and in knowing that people have been positively impacted by it. One comment I’ve received most consistently from members is that they consider me a good teacher. This is something I value very much.” Noel was also a member of the personal correspondence team and participated in the United Youth Camps program for nine years leading hiking and ropes course programs.

Becky considers the opportunity to serve alongside her husband in the ministry the “best job in the world.” When reflecting back on their years in the ministry Becky had the following thoughts: “I shared with my husband the joy of watching people grow and develop toward conversion or a deeper relationship with God in all of the congregations we’ve served. These same people became a part of our family and we treasure every one of them. Our time in the ministry has been so incredibly satisfying and a series of adventures that have brought showers of blessings for us and our family. We are very thankful to God for these opportunities to serve and to all the people that allowed us to become a part of their lives.”

This past February Noel and Becky celebrated their 40th anniversary. They have two children and four grandchildren who live in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia. With God’s blessing they hope spend extra time visiting their family and planning the occasional special “vacation” together. In fact this summer they hope to accompany their daughter and her family on a trip to Disney, and plan on spending the upcoming Feast with their son in Sevierville. The Hornors also enjoy taking walks and hiking, any travel opportunities, reading and history.