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Northwest Preteen Camp

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Northwest Preteen Camp

This year’s 14th annual Northwest Preteen Camp was outstanding! The camp is ensconced in a beautiful millennial setting located near Mt. Hood, southeast of Portland. Seventy-eight preteen campers ages 4 to 12, 42 adult staff, and 28 teen staff enjoyed a wonderful summer camp experience from Sunday, Aug. 2, through Wednesday, Aug. 5. Campers and staff came from Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado. Camp provided many opportunities to build closer relationships and have fun together.

Our theme was “Let Your Light Shine!” from Matthew 5:16. The boys dorm names reflected our theme, with names such as the Illuminators, Flashlights, Lighthouse Keepers, Lightning Bolts and Reflectors. The girls dorms were the Mirror Images, G.L.O.W. (Godly Ladies of Wisdom), Graceful Glowing Girls, Luminous Ladies, Shining Sunbeams and Sparkling Stars. We had some fun skits and skits emphasizing the theme.

This year’s camp activities included the usual Christian living classes, archery, arts and crafts, campfire, dance class, swimming and sports. However with the drought in Oregon, we had to forego the river float. So we had more swimming time in the pool.

The 28 teen staff had just come from a week of teen camp. They were exhausted but kept the usual contagious enthusiasm going without complaining. They loved being together and serving the preteens just as much as the parents. We also have dedicated staff that continues to come year after year and some who don’t have children in the camp program.

We are already anticipating next year’s Northwest Preteen Camp with the theme “Love Bears All Things.”

John and Sandy Cafourek