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United Youth Camps: Ghana, Aburi Botanical Garden

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United Youth Camps

Ghana, Aburi Botanical Garden

There were 29 campers and staff who participated in Ghana’s maiden youth camp from Dec. 25, 2011, through Jan. 1, 2012. The camp was at the serene and pristine Aburi Botanical Garden, some 34 miles east of the capital, Accra. Participants came from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana. Originally planned as a local family weekend camp out, logistical constraints brought a necessary shifting focus on holding the event for the local youth only. Eventually, God opened doors and blessed us with enough resources to be able to have significant international participation.

Days started and ended with a compass check and Christian living classes where campers and staff took a closer look at God’s Word and how to apply it in governing all aspects of their lives. In addition, sports such as cycling, kickball, volleyball and crafts such as basketry and beads-making were taught to equip campers with income-generating skills.

New friends were made, as well as a bond of unity with different people of like minds that made going back to our various destinations at the close of camp, much harder. It was a very blessed camp.