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Why Ambassador Bible College?: Survey of the Gospels

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Why Ambassador Bible College?

Survey of the Gospels

It has at times been called “the life and teachings of Jesus,” because that is what it is all about. What could be better than to spend time each week with the words of Christ?

Understanding the historical and cultural context of Christ’s life makes it easier to relate to Him and to His disciples. They were energetic young men, determined to do good and to change the world! I would suppose many young adults in the Church of God today feel that way, and a year at ABC helps in preparation for the time when we all will help change the world. The Gospels class explains Jesus’ parables and other teachings, discussing spiritual lessons for modern Christians, as well as prophetic teachings of the Kingdom of God. We strive to bring the stories to life and to make Jesus’ teaching a vital part of our own lives.

The textbook for this class, which all ABC students receive, is a Harmony of the Gospels. It lays out the Gospel accounts side by side in four columns to show where they overlap and where one may fill in another’s gaps. One aspect of the class is considering the different purposes of each book, to understand how they are complementary rather than contradictory. We encourage students to take plenty of notes in their harmonies, as well as their Bibles, so that they can continue their study long after their year at ABC concludes. We encourage those who are not students yet to come join us at ABC!