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Winter Camp 2019 Report

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Winter Camp 2019 Report

The week started off unseasonably warm, but about halfway through camp it cooled off and we had a few inches of snowfall, which allowed for more “winter” activities. We have a dedicated and fun group of staff members with a desire to get to know the campers, building meaningful relationships that often continue after camp.

Winter Camp is unique in that it allows for a lot of fellowship time while sitting around a beautiful fireplace and sipping hot chocolate. This year our oldest campers also went to a new ski resort with more hills for their various snowboarding and skiing skill levels.

We held two Q&A sessions this year in which brother and sister dorm joined their dorm parents for a smaller and more intimate discussion. The campers shared questions they struggle with and challenges they face in life. The fellow campers were able to give advice and encouragement to one another while the dorm parents helped lead the discussions. This format helped to give campers answers and tools to take home as they face the challenges of life. I am always impressed with the maturity that I see in many of our youth. God’s work in their life is so evident when you get to know them and talk with them. It is such a blessing for all of our staff to get to be involved in helping them see how God’s way works.

We are looking forward to another great year this coming winter at Lake Geneva, from Dec. 28, 2020-Jan. 3, 2021. I look forward to seeing you there!