Resources for the members of the United Church of God

Vehicle for Chipata, Zambia

The local congregation in Chipata, Zambia is in need of a vehicle. This vehicle will enable members to attend services regularly (members currently walk anywhere from 1-20 kilometers to attend services). The local deacon (Filius Jere) has a truck that his employers own that he can occasionally use to transport members, but its availability is limited. When possible, Filius provides funds for transportation for the members, but his resources are limited.

That being said, the need has become much more pressing as Filius has recently started a six month training program for the young adults in his congregation. He has donated land to teach sustainable farming practices (along with training in bookkeeping, and how to navigate the markets) to young adults who can’t afford to attend secondary school or university. This training program will provide skills to young adults so that they can provide sustenance for themselves and their families. I

In addition to providing transport for Sabbath and Holy Day services, this vehicle will also provide transportation for the trainees to and from the farmland.