United Church of God

Well and Wall in Bangladesh

An angry mob of about 200 villagers attacked members of the congregation in Bangladesh! In this attack several of our members were beaten and their homes and livelihoods have been threatened. The mob was made up of Hindus and Muslims who do not approve of Christianity; they are angry with anyone that converts and the fact that the Church is being recognized as a legal entity in the area. The police have been involved in the situation, but our members do not want to file a case against the villagers, noting, "The police and government told us to file a case against them. But we told them we had already forgiven the villagers and we are following Jesus' teaching not to file any case against others but to try to solve it. We want peace and live with them in peace. the government officers are very astonished at our decision. But they threatened the villagers and leaders that if they do anything to us then they will take serious steps. Still, the police are giving us security, from Thursday a police van staying on our main road to protect us and stop the villagers from getting together again."

Along with this distressing situation, clean water is often a challenge in villages, and this one is no exception. There is a need for our members to have a borehole well drilled. The members believe that granting access to village at large will go a long way in building good will with the villagers.

We are seeking funds to drill the well and build a wall on the property that will house a Church building in the future.