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2022 Camp Report: Chile

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2022 Camp Report


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On Thursday, Dec. 22 at 1:00 p.m., our group of campers and staff were on our way to Costa de Sol, a beautiful place located in one of the arms of Lake Rapel in O’Higgins region, about 150 kilometers (about 93.2 miles) from Santiago.

We arrived safely, and being shown to the rooms and given instructions, the campers took advantage of the warm weather, going without hesitation to the lake to enjoy the water.

On Saturday morning the young people at camp sang hymns and prepared a video with special music that would be presented that same afternoon at the service in Santiago, which the group connected to view online.

The Bible classes focused on the theme “Becoming Sons and Daughters of God.” We had two entertaining and relaxing hands-on classes and the rest of the time we spent enjoying the lake and the peace that was in the place. We had kayaks available, in addition to a pedal boat which, although it was not in its best condition, we could still navigate in.

It was an ideal space to be away from all the noise and in which to enjoy the tranquility of nature and a little piece of lake just for us.

We thank our Creator for the opportunity to carry out this camp.

Marcelo Saavedra