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2023 Feast of Tabernacles: Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia

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2023 Feast of Tabernacles

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia

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The Feast in Merimbula this year was a very positive observance. It has been held in this small coastal town for many years and has always been a wonderful site for members from New South Wales and Victoria. Many from these two states were able to reunite and reacquaint themselves with a sense of a family who hadn't seen each other since the year before. There were also some who traveled from Queensland and the United States. In all, there were about 160 people who really appreciated the opportunity to restore their hope and obedience to God and all that is promised under the dominion of Jesus Christ.

The messages drew focus to what God’s Kingdom on earth will mean to the world and what the saints will be doing during the Millennium. This encouraged us to really consider what God’s people need to do now to be ready for that awesome time. During the Feast, several activities took place such as stand-up paddle boarding (for the teens), a games evening of speed bingo, speed pictionary and speed bugs (for all ages), a seniors’ lunch, and a family day and BBQ (for everyone).

A particular highlight in Merimbula was the outstanding special music. The service of the talented musicians really added to the joy of the Feast. Overall, the unity among the brethren to worship God as He commands was warm, friendly, peaceful and edifying.