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A Message of Hope

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A Message of Hope

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A few months ago I started reading those court filings. I was shocked at the number of foreclosures listed for just my county alone. One week I counted as many as 75 foreclosures; now the average is around 35 every week! The county has a population of nearly 200,000; and out of that population, Foreclosures.com lists a staggering 769 homes that are for sale due to foreclosures, tax lien, bankruptcy and other unfortunate situations. In April 2010 one in every 425 housing units received a foreclosure filing in the state of Ohio alone.

Every foreclosure mentioned in the paper has a sad story behind it. I recently heard a heartbreaking story of a real family in crisis.

This family had to shut the doors to their dream business because of the economy. Sadly, they had to inform the employees that they no longer had jobs. They were also going to lose their home because it was connected to the family business. The husband could not take the pressure anymore, so he decided to leave his wife right in the middle of the crisis. He even fled the country, leaving his wife to deal with all of it alone. The same week that their bankruptcy was filed she also had to file divorce papers.

Every foreclosure represents a family in crisis. Without hope, people make bad decisions to escape the crisis, which can take on many forms through drugs, alcohol, depression or just giving up. Some take a more drastic form of escape, leaving their family and even fleeing to another country. These families need a message of hope to direct them in the right way.

We have that message of hope that will lead them in the right way of life and will help them deal with their current trials. We have what the world is looking for! We as God's people have a duty and obligation to send out a message of hope to a tragic world. We have a responsibility to do whatever we can to lend support with our tithes, offerings and prayers to do the work that God has called us to do.

God told His disciples in Luke 12:48, "Everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more."

Much has been give to us! Let's become passionate about delivering that message of hope to a world that is in desperate need of it! UN