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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held From Feb. 28-March 3, 2022

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Quarterly Council of Elders Meetings Held From Feb. 28-March 3, 2022

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The Council of Elders held a regular meeting at the home office from Monday, Feb. 28, through Thursday, March 3. Ten Council members met in person, along with staff from church administration, while Council members Paul Wasilkoff and Scott Ashley participated via video link.

The meeting included reports from president Victor Kubik and the operation managers Mark Welch, Peter Eddington and Rick Shabi, along with chairmen of the Council’s standing committees.

A large portion of these meetings focused on plans for the future. The Media Department presented plans for a new logo that will provide a unified graphic image for the Church and Beyond Today, and the Council approved continued development and refinement.

The Strategic Planning and Finance Committee presented results of the triennial revision of the church’s strategic plan. The new plan focuses efforts through a framework of “Speaking the Truth in Love,” and incorporates new graphics to portray its concepts. That plan, along with a draft for using a similar framework for the annual Operation Plan, will be presented to the General Conference of Elders at its annual meeting in May.

During these meetings, the Council reached a decision not to appoint President Victor Kubik for a fourth term. He has successfully served for nine years as president, and plans to retire later this year.

The Council thus began implementing a detailed plan for selecting the next UCG president. That plan was approved in December 2015, and it allows for every elder in the General Conference to nominate a man for the role. The Council will conduct interviews in May and appoint a president then.

The Council appreciates prayers for God’s guidance in this important work, as well as in decisions yet to be made.