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The Thousand Years Kevin Call August 11, 2012 Portsmouth, OH
Are We Spiritual Drones? Jim Call November 21, 2020 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Beware of Deception Michael Arritt September 24, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
Pride Kevin Call September 14, 2019 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
Lgbt: A Christian Examination Daniel Evans July 25, 2015 Portsmouth, OH
The 10 Plagues of Egypt Daniel Evans April 2, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
How Close Are We to God? Kevin Call January 13, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Building Godly Character Frank Dunkle July 12, 2014 Portsmouth, OH
Honoring Our Silver Ambassadors Through Scripture Kevin Call June 11, 2016 Portsmouth, OH
To Whom Will God Look? Gary Smith March 31, 2007 Portsmouth, OH
Questions on Healing Gary Smith August 6, 2005 Portsmouth, OH
Many Are Called Few Are Chosen Jim Call Sr. April 14, 2018 Portsmouth, OH
The Sermon on the Mount, Part 1 Gary Smith January 29, 2011 Portsmouth, OH
A Babe in Christ Kevin Call October 17, 2015 Portsmouth, OH
What Is True Humility? Jim Call July 14, 2018 Portsmouth, OH
The Gates of the Grave Will Not Prevail Gary Smith August 14, 2010 Portsmouth, OH
You Are Invited: R.S.V.P. Required Kevin Call February 16, 2013 Portsmouth, OH
Is That All the Thanks I Get Jim Call Sr. August 19, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Is That All the Thanks I Get Jim Call Sr. August 19, 2017 Portsmouth, OH
Change Kevin Call May 27, 2012 Portsmouth, OH