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The Power of Love - the Fruit of the Spirit Doc White June 10, 2017 Roanoke, VA
The Important Use of Assessment in Christian Living Daniel Salcedo June 10, 2017 Orange County, CA
Implications of Being a Royal Priesthood Steve St. Charles June 10, 2017 Ann Arbor, MI
How to Keep the Sabbath David D Schreiber June 10, 2017 Cedar Rapids, IA
Advice to Youth: Morals and Character Rex Sexton June 10, 2017 Portland, OR
The Rise of Modern Babylon Steve Buchanan June 10, 2017 El Paso, TX; Sierra Vista, AZ; Tucson, AZ
Meekness: A Fruit of God's Spirit Leroy Cole June 10, 2017 Bethlehem, PA; Lewistown, PA
Understand What God Is Doing Andy Lee June 10, 2017 Cleveland, OH
Praise Jesse D. Api June 10, 2017 Orange County, CA
When We All Get to Heaven, What? Nathan Abbott June 10, 2017 Lubbock, TX
What Does It Take to Be a Christian With Faith? Tom M Damour June 10, 2017 Lubbock, TX
The Importance of Biblical Archaeology Steven Britt June 10, 2017 Macon, GA
Paul - God's Spirit Transforms the New Testament Church! Joe Horchak June 10, 2017 Sacramento, CA
Message in a Bottle: Lessons From the Book of Haggai Devin Schulz June 10, 2017 Tulsa, OK
Seven Points About Wisdom Tom Charles June 10, 2017 York, PA; Lewistown, PA
Tithing David Dobson June 10, 2017 Gadsden, AL; Huntsville, AL
Show No Partiality Tim Charles June 10, 2017 York, PA; Lewistown, PA
There Is Treasure Buried in a Field: Do We Value Gods Promises Rod Foster June 10, 2017 San Antonio, TX
The Most Important Things Paul Moody June 10, 2017 Kennewick, WA; Kettle Falls, WA; Spokane, WA
The Wrong Side of the Door Bill Conway June 10, 2017 Bloomington, IL; Canton, IL