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Title Speaker Date Congregation(s) Length
Yahweh Rapha Kevin Call November 2, 2019 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY
We All Come to This Point Rex Sexton November 2, 2019 Portland, OR
Children - Think, Teach, Talk Tim Pebworth November 2, 2019 Petaluma, CA; San Francisco Bay Area, CA
The God Who Blesses Us! Robin Webber November 2, 2019 Los Angeles, CA
The Incredible Potential of a Child Ben Light November 2, 2019 Salem, OR
Bon Appetit Chuck Smith November 2, 2019 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The Sabbath - a Weekly Festival Andy Duran November 2, 2019 Cincinnati East, OH
The History of the Holy Days Part 4 William Bradford November 2, 2019 Chicago, IL
How Do We Stir up God's Holy Spirit Randy D'Alessandro November 2, 2019 Beloit, WI
Chosen Ones Harvey Wierenga November 2, 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
Feast Recap Ron Barker November 2, 2019 Dayton, OH
Temporary to Eternal Tim McMaster October 26, 2019 Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO
The Beginning Dan Dowd October 26, 2019 Milwaukee, WI
Dwelling in Booths Lynn Leiby October 26, 2019 Dallas, TX
The Book of Life: A Spiritual Who's Who? Fred Whitlark October 26, 2019 Dallas, TX
Doctrines of Men Ralph Helge October 26, 2019 Los Angeles, CA
Reconciliation - One of the First Works Jorge de Campos October 26, 2019 Louisville, KY
The Greatest Redemption Story Ever Told Dan Preston October 26, 2019 Charlotte, NC; Columbia, SC; Hickory, NC
A House United Brian Shaw October 26, 2019 Duluth, MN; Twin Cities, MN
Keep the Fire Burning Kevin Call October 26, 2019 Portsmouth, OH; Prestonsburg, KY