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The Cursed Causeless Shall Not Come Chuck Smith October 5, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
One Degree of Difference Tim Franke July 26, 2014 Nashville, TN
The Victory Is Ours Fred Nance April 21, 2014 Little Rock, AR; Jonesboro, AR; Memphis, TN
Raise the Bar David Fitch April 1, 2013 Grand Rapids, MI
Our Passover Pre-Examination David D Schreiber April 9, 2016 Cedar Rapids, IA
The Kings and Priests of God Ellis La Ravia February 6, 2010 Phoenix East, AZ
Answers to Prayers: Only a Matter of Faith? Mike Phelps January 13, 2018 Flint, MI
Freedom and Free Enterprise in the Millennium: The Soon-Coming Reign of Jesus Christ Is Promised to Be the Most Prosperous Time in All Human History. How Is This Possible? Don Hooser September 26, 2018 Branson, Missouri 2018
What Spirit Is in You? Mark Kasperson March 16, 2019 Hartford, CT
Come on out, the Water’s Great Randy Stiver April 20, 2019 North Canton, OH
How to Be an Overcomer Jorge de Campos February 15, 2020 Lexington, KY
Cancel Culture or God's Culture Donald Ward August 15, 2020 East Texas
Dissecting the Model Prayer Aaron Creech July 31, 2021 Sacramento, CA
Dissecting the Model Prayer Aaron Creech July 31, 2021 Sacramento, CA
When the Thousand Years Have Expired Gary Smith September 28, 2013 Houston, TX
Are You Immortal? Part 2 Tom M Damour May 10, 2014 Lubbock, TX
Prayer and Vengeance on the Day of the Lord Ron Davenport August 31, 2013 Huntsville, AL
David's Life, Part 3: Consult God on How to Live David Roenspies April 5, 2014 Beloit, WI
Why Is It Taking So Long? Part 1 Robin Webber November 21, 2009 San Diego, CA
Serving God With Mammon Jerald Kliewer May 13, 2017 Oklahoma City, OK